Taxi Meter set up

Taxi Meter set up

Taxi Meter App, FREE from Google Play

A Taxi Meter is an expensive piece of equipment.

The cost to purchase, install, calibrate and update a modern taxi meter might be too much for a new driver to afford.

Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point that you can download a FREE app that works perfectly.

There are quite a few available apps, but I find this one perfect for South African conditions.

It is called Taximeter for all, by Ramit

Download and Install Taximeter

Download taxi meter app

Open Taxi Meter App

Taxi app


Open Settings Menu

Set meter

Open Config Fares

Config Fares on meter

Select the Fare you want to change

change tariff

Adjust the values to your rates

These are my settings.

My minimum charge is R70, which includes 4.19 Km and 5 min

My rate is R12.00 per Km

My waiting time is R60.00 per hour, or R1.00 per minute

Set your own rates and test your meter over a set distance.

Make changes as required

Rate adjustment

Change the other settings

Mine are set to the same values as first example

change tariff

Change the look and currency

Change currency

Set Currency


Change colour scheme

Other settings

There are a few more settings that you can change, but these are the important ones.

This is a complete meter, in that you can add extra charges for toll gates, luggage, etc.

Your taxi app will keep statistics of all fares for a year.