Joining Uber, no waiting, quickest way, buy in.

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Joining Uber, no waiting, quickest way, buy in.

The quickest way of joining Uber

Joining Uber has never been easier, or more expensive.

Simply buy your way in.

Or, rent an Uber “Slot” from a disillusioned Uber Partner.

Below is a portion of a screenshot from Gumtree, showing Uber “slots” for sale or rent.

Joining uber - the quickest way Buy in
Buy your way into Uber

The going rate to buy a “slot” seems to be anywhere between R20,000 and R35,000

Prices to rent a “slot” start from about R600.00 per week, the sky being the limit.

Remember this: – You still have to comply with all the Uber conditions regarding your car and your driver.

I am also not sure whether transfer of these “slots” is sanctioned by Uber, or if it violates their terms and conditions.

Why are so many Uber partners wanting out?

Uber “slots” are essentially businesses, without the assets required to run the business.

It is like having a billboard outside your house that says “Taxi”, but you do not have a taxi.

These “slots” are being sold or rented out, by people that had the taxi, but no longer have it.

Uber partners are getting out because they are not making the expected returns.

Simply put, they are not making money.

Don’t Waste Your Money!

Why not? Everybody uses Uber, right?

Sure, but let’s just do the sums quickly.

You rent a slot for R600.00 per week, works out R2500.00 per month

You’re a good driver, you own your own car, you need money, so you work long hours.

You turnover R20,000 per month.

Uber takes 20% , or R4,000 per month

Your “slot” rental is R2500.00 per month

Your total marketing cost is R6500.00 per month

To do R20,000.00 turnover your mileage will be about 3,500 km for the month.

Your fuel cost will be about R4000.00

Your take home net income only R9500.00 per month.

To pay for your car, your insurance, maintenance, rent, living expenses.

Is it really worth it?