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Meter Taxi FAQ

How much can I earn driving my own Taxi?
Depends on your personal circumstances, but an average income of R20000.00 pm is not out of reach.
Initially an income of about R8000.00 to R12000.00 for the first 3 months while you build your regular clientele.
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Taxi Advertising

Taxi Advertising Tips
Taxi advertising needs a dynamite headline.
You have 2 seconds to get attention. No click, no pay.
Your description should sum up what you do in a nutshell, very important to spend time thinking about what you are selling.
The content of your ad should provide information about your business, possibly about you, pictures where-ever possibleRead More →

Client comments Thumbs Up

Read what my clients have to say.
“I made R1250.00 on my second day (A Friday)” – James, North Star Taxi services
“I made R45,000 for March 2012” – James, North Star Taxi Services
“I thank Bruce every day” – Karthie – Randburg Taxis Read More →

Top ten

Fourways taxi cab website makes it to top ten  “” makes it to top ten Google organic search result for the search term “fourways taxi” in just 5 weeks from website creation date. Currently in second spot, “Fourways taxi cab” is an exercise that I undertook to see how long it would take to put a small taxi business into the number one spot on the different search engines, for specific keywords. On Yahoo search,Read More →

Yellow Cab Taxi Association

Taxi Association or Company membership advantages
Joining a meter taxi company or taxi association requires a joining fee of between R1000.00 and R10000.00 This is a once off cost which may be partially refundable when you leave the company.
Taxi company membership fees vary from R100.00 per month up to R3000.00 per month, depending on the company.
Some cab companies operate their own fleet of vehicles and only employ suitably qualified taxi drivers.Read More →

Marketing your Taxi

Taxi marketing on the Internet
Marketing your taxi cab service on the internet effectively requires SEO of the site that your taxi service is advertised on.
Creating a website and submitting to Search engines is relatively simple.
Most advertisers have found the response disappointing to say the least.
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