Meter Taxi FAQ, all you need to know about the Cab Industry

Meter Taxi FAQ

Meter Taxi FAQ, all you need to know about the Cab Industry

F.A.Q. About the Meter Taxi Cab Industry

How much can I earn driving my own Taxi?

Income from a meter taxi depends on your personal circumstances, but an average income of R20000.00 pm is not out of reach.
Initially an income of about R8000.00 to R12000.00 for the first 3 months while you build your regular clientele.
This amount can be substantially increased if you are prepared to put in the hours.
There are a lot of early morning bookings, from about 4.30 am that can be very lucrative. Work hard, earn more. Work SMART and earn even more.

How do you figure that amount?

By experience.
In my area an average fare is about R180.00.
Many times the client books a return fare as well.
That means you only require about 3 clients a day to net in excess of R450.00 per day.
From my area to OR Tambo is R450.00.
To Lanseria R250.00.
To Sandton Gautrain R180.00 .
Work it out for yourself.

What do I need to get started?

A CLEAN ROADWORTHY car, a cellphone and a map book or GPS at the very least.
Ideally, you would need to have a VALID Certificate of Fitness and operator disc for your vehicle, a valid Professional Drivers Permit, Passenger Liability Insurance to the value of R5,000,000 and proof that you have applied for a Taxi Permit.

Can I just work pickups, say at the Gautrain station, shopping centers, hotels, or clubs?

Feel free to try.
You will probably find a lot of resistance and possibly intimidation from taxi drivers already working at the more lucrative pick up points.
They may request that you join their Taxi Company or Taxi Association at a rather unrealistic price. (In my mind at least)

So how do I make money then?

You have come to the right place.
You deal with your own clients.
Negotiate your own fares
Work from home.
Work when you want, part or full time.
Build your own clientele.
Simply advertise your cab service on this website and create your own Adwords™ campaign linking to your ad

Do I need to have a Taxi-meter fitted?

No, most Taxi Cab operators work on area quotes today.
The cost of installing, calibrating and updating a taxi meter is quite high.
However, depending on your location and the type of permit you have, you may be required by law to have a meter installed and sealed.
If you own a smartphone with a GPS and you can install a taximeter app that will calculate fares for you.
See Free Taximeter set up details

What if I join a Meter Taxi Company or Meter Taxi Association, will they bring me business?

Joining fees range anything from about R1000 to R10000, depending on the company, plus you will have to pay a monthly fee of about R3000.00
A lot of Taxi Companies have been instructed by their taxi drivers NOT to appoint new drivers as there is not enough work for existing drivers.
Sadly, not all taxi companies spend their money on business promotion or marketing. Instead they rely on drivers to bring in the business, using good pick up points and relying heavily on existing regular clients.
Some taxi companies are fortunate in having corporate clients, however these customers normally run accounts and taxi drivers are not always paid on time.
Very often the taxi dispatchers will favor certain cab drivers, normally those that have been with the company for a long time, or they get kick-backs (bribes) for nice fares. This is an ongoing issue in almost every taxi company and is very difficult to control. New taxi drivers are always at a disadvantage when this is happening

Do I need to have a Taxi Radio?

Only if you join a meter taxi company with a call center and Radio Dispatch System, such as Rose’s taxis

Is it better to join Uber or Taxify, rather than work on my own?

Joining a company that uses an app is a very good option IF they have an existing client base. Uber is a classic example of a company with a huge client base.
The downside is that they determine the rates that you can charge and take a hefty percentage of your income as a commission.
Requirements for Uber and Taxify are very strict, so it may not be possible for you to join, even if you have a perfectly good taxi.
Some apps do not permit cash transactions, only allowing credit card transactions, so the company controls your cash.

About Meter Taxi Cab Marketing

Should I use other free advertising, such as Gumtree or OLX?

Yes, most definitely. Every bit of exposure you get is to your advantage.

So why should I use Cabs4U?

Cabs 4 U is optimized for Meter Taxi advertising.
It is optimized for Mobile phones, PDA’s laptops iPhones and Tablets
The sum of the whole is greater than its components. Search engine results are better for directories than individual websites, ranking consistently higher due to greater interest by users, as the domain performance determines overall ranking, based on user interest.
Individual Adwords™ campaigns can become costly, as they work on an auction system. The more the competition, the higher the cost per click.
With a number of advertisers working together and using Adwords™ directed to the same website, everybody benefits.
I can create your own website and Domain for you if you prefer. See example website here :

How soon will my meter taxi advertising start to work?

Your Ad needs to be approved and edited by the administrator, normally within 24 hours. However, it does take time for your ad to start showing results in your area.
You can be in business within 48 hours if you create and activate a Google Adwords™  campaign.
You should be fully operational within 3 working days. (Google™ can take up to two days to clear payment)
One of my clients received his first inquiry before he got home from his meeting with me

How about branding my meter taxi?

Branding of vehicles is an extremely important step in promoting your business, particularly for a taxi.

Should I put a TAXI roof sign on my car?

Only if you are operating a fully legal meter taxi, with all the necessary documentation.
I use a magnetic roof sign that I can take down when I don’t need it.
They are cheap and available from spares outlets like Midas at about R150.00.
They are not very effective as the display area for your contact details is too small. However, it does make your cab visible if you are parked in a shopping mall parking lot, or at a busy pick up point.

What is my total joining cost?

Advertising on this website is FREE to all meter taxi owners, meter taxi operators, meter taxi drivers, lift clubs and tour operators.
I highly recommend that you create a Google Adwords™  campaign for yourself and link your Adwords™ to your ad on this website. The initial cost to create your Adwords™ campaign is R200.00.
Google will possibly give a R600.00 credit to a new advertiser that has paid the initial R200.00, if you apply for it. Effectively, your R200.00 will get you R800.00 advertising credit from Google™

Can you guarantee me business ?

No. This is purely an advertising facility for self-employed cab drivers, the response to the ads depends on your location, interest, need etc.

Do you run a call center to take meter taxi cab bookings?

No, the cost of running a call center would have to be paid by the drivers
When business is quiet it puts a heavy financial load on them.
Each driver using this advertising facility is responsible for their own client bookings

How do I join?

Very easy. Simply click on the link to create your ad here. 
Please have a look at the other ads on the site and use them as an example of what you need to achieve. The better your ad, the more response you are likely to get. All ads MUST HAVE pictures of your car and driver. Where you work is very important. Please list all the areas that you plan to work in.
Once your ad is approved and live, create your Adwords™ account. If you need assistance, I will be happy to help.