how to join uber

Why are taxi drivers queuing to join Uber? Taxi drivers want to join Uber for one reason only. Uber has a huge, growing, captive market of international clients that have installed the app on their phones. These clients will not use any other taxi service as long as the Uber app works for them. Why does Uber have so many clients ? Regular taxi clients find the Uber app convenient to use. They have easyRead More →

Taxi Strike

Taxi strike at Or Tambo The recent meter taxi strike at Or Tambo will do nothing to help the struggling taxi industry. Uber is here to stay. Any protest action only reflects negatively on the existing meter taxi industry, annoying motorists who may one day require a taxi. They will call on Uber, because they believe they are getting a better deal from Uber. Uber has a right to set their own pricing. If theyRead More →

Meter Taxi FAQ

How much can I earn driving my own Taxi?
Depends on your personal circumstances, but an average income of R20000.00 pm is not out of reach.
Initially an income of about R8000.00 to R12000.00 for the first 3 months while you build your regular clientele.
Similar questions answered on our FAQ pageRead More →