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The quickest way of joining Uber Joining Uber has never been easier, or more expensive. Simply buy your way in. Or, rent an Uber “Slot” from a disillusioned Uber Partner. Below is a portion of a screenshot from Gumtree, showing Uber “slots” for sale or rent. The going rate to buy a “slot” seems to be anywhere between R20,000 and R35,000 Prices to rent a “slot” start from about R600.00 per week, the sky beingRead More →

Become an Uber partner

Joining Uber, or becoming an Uber partner is not that easy any more  The requirements to register with Uber and become an Uber partner are fairly simple. As an driver you will need a valid Professional Drivers Permit, a clean criminal record and no history of reckless driving or drug related offenses. On registration, Uber will conduct a background check on you to ensure that you comply. Your vehicle needs to be one of theRead More →

how to join uber

Why are taxi drivers queuing to join Uber? Taxi drivers want to join Uber for one reason only. Uber has a huge, growing, captive market of international clients that have installed the app on their phones. These clients will not use any other taxi service as long as the Uber app works for them. Why does Uber have so many clients ? Regular taxi clients find the Uber app convenient to use. They have easyRead More →

Taxi Strike

Taxi strike at Or Tambo The recent meter taxi strike at Or Tambo will do nothing to help the struggling taxi industry. Uber is here to stay. Any protest action only reflects negatively on the existing meter taxi industry, annoying motorists who may one day require a taxi. They will call on Uber, because they believe they are getting a better deal from Uber. Uber has a right to set their own pricing. If theyRead More →

Taxi Marketing Improved

Taxi marketing exposure improved with Cabs4U upgrade Cabs4U website now linked to Facebook Taxi marketing improved by using responsive template, making it a pleasure to access from any device, PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Search Engine Optimized for maximum exposure. Accelerated Mobile Pages added New  marketing options now available to members include: Individual Adwords™ campaign landing pages set up and management. Websites created and optimized for specific areas if required, see “Bryanston Cabs” as anRead More →


Disclaimer Cabs4U provides a marketing and advertising service to the metered taxi cab industry. We do not employ drivers. We do not hire cars to taxi drivers We do not run a fleet of taxis. We do not run a call center. We are not a Taxi Association We are not a Taxi Company We do not partner with taxi companies We do not provide taxi, cab or shuttle services All taxis, cabs, taxi companiesRead More →

Uber app

Uber business model works. Keep the drivers hungry, so they work long hours.
Cut prices, eliminate competition. Business partners supply cars. Brilliant
Closing down the opposition along the wayRead More →

Taxi advertising resumed

Advertising resumed NEW classified taxi advertising registration system much more secure. To register simply complete the advert form and upload your details. Specify the area you wish to work in. VERY IMPORTANT MUST INCLUDE PICTURES OF DRIVER AND CAR CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR AD  Read More →